Tranlating and Interpreting


Interpreter Level
InterpretationMethod Diversity and Contents
①SLevel Synchronous and Sequential interpretation Medical and pharmaceutical, specialized symposium such as IT, seminar and press conference
②ALevel Synchronous and Sequential interpretation Same as above
③BLevel Sequential interpretation Seminar, business talk, meeting, training, etc.
④CLevel Sequential interpretation Visiting attendant, inspection attendant, product demontrations
⑤DLevel General interpretation Education and training for foreigners, daily life interpretation
Interpreter Level 1 person: Half day(4H) 1 person: Full day(4H)
①SLevel 80,000~90,000JPY 130,000~140,000JPY
②ALevel 60,000~70,000JPY 100,000~120,000JPY
③BLevel 45,000~55,000JPY 65,000~80,000JPY
④CLevel 30,000~40,000JPY 45,000~60,000JPY
⑤DLevel 8,000~10,000JPY 15,000~18,000JPY

※The above rates not including tax
The above price list shows the estimated rate for every interpreter used in Japan

※Interpreter level will be suggested base on purpose and conditions of use, and detail quotation will be rovided


Source language
Target language
Japanese to English
Japanese to Chinese Japanese to Korean Japanese toEuropean
per character/ perword 12~25JPY 12~25JPY 12~25JPY 18~35JPY
per page 4,800~10,000JPY 4,800~10,000JPY 4,800~10,000JPY 7,200~15,200JPY
Source language
Target language
Englis to Japanese Chinese to Japanese Korean to Japanese European to Japanese
per character/ perword 14~27JPY 14~27JPY 14~27JPY 14~27JPY
per page 5,600~10,800JPY 5,600~10,800JPY 5,600~10,800JPY 70200~13,000JPY

For every page of original document will be calculated as 400characters/300 words(Price without tax)

The basic rate above will be adjusted base on fluctuates depending on various conditions of expertise, finishing level, layout design and complexity.

Detail quotation will be sent base on purpose and conditions of use