1.Employees Introduction

Employees introduction is employee recruitment mechanism starts with temporary employment, and when the both parties agree they can proceed by appointing trainees as permanent employees


In order to judge employees ability and aptitude before employment, and eliminate recruitment mismatches. Job offering and interview will be held by Global Connection to reduce hiring cost.


2.Overseas Human Resourcing

Introducing overseas engineers with advanced IT technology that be able to play an active role as Bridge SE and willing to find a job in japan. A young and skilled engineer who is proficient in Japanese is useful as an immediate resource.

Benefit of overseas employees introduction

The company can decide after consent to the prior interview.Follow-up system for obtaining work visas.


Achievement-reward-type service that provides employees (regular employee) required by the clients.

Benefit of recruitment

Significant reduction in cost and labor for recruitment activities such as job advertisements.


4.Re-employment Supporting

Helping employees change their careers by using a variety of alliances to find their second career

Reemployment supporting benefit

Responding to diverse needs, such as revitalizing internal rotation and responding diversification of employee lifestyle

Re-employment service supporting procedure