Intern Training Centre(caregiver)

1.Intern Training Centre'sLife Environtment

In Global Connection, using our facilities, prospective employees will be trained to speak japanese language, Japan lifestyle & etiquette, as well as learning the law in Japan after they arrived in Japan.
In addition, we will provide Japanese language education that focuses on nursing care Japanese.Nursing subjects are taught by specialized teachers.


2.Training Curriculum

Japanese Language (One month)

Japanese Language 100Hours Common Japanese language training
Basic knowledge of Japanese life style
28Hours Japan lifestyle, rules and manners,
traffic safety training and how to deal with natural disasters .
Espertice Training
40Hours Specialized training
Training about working place
Legal Protection 8Hours Training by administrative expert

※ Skill test preparation:We also provide additional training before test for the trainee in 2nd transition who are willing to.

5S Training

Using dormitory fasilities to train the trainees, and make them familiar with Japan living habits. Conduct safety check to the trainees and give lifestyle guidance with 24 hours management

【Point of instruction】

Greetings                 5S (Japanese tidy and cleanliness concept)     To follow the rules 

to separate garbage , to reduce noise     to wash hands and gargle      as well as pay attention to apprearance.


Trainees for caregiver must have N4 on Japanese proficience as requirement, and N3 in the second year in Japan. Trainees also must have more than 280 hours of Japanese language course. For trainees who have had training before arrive in Japan, they can omitted the training, and for them who are having N3 or higher level allowed to take only 80 hours course of curriculum 1 (pronounsation, conversation, composition, special vocabulary for caregiver). This is mean that 240 hour course on curriculum 1 can be shortened to 80 hours.
Here is the curriculum of 282 hours course (240 hours of Japanese language course and 42 hours course of careger job) as a sample.

                              (1)Japanese language

Object of training Hours
Japanese language in general 100
Listening 20
Reading 13
Wording 27
Pronounsation 7
Conversation 27
Compositon 6
Terminology for Caregiver 40
Total Hours 240

                                (2)Caregiver jobs

Object of training Hours
Caregiver Basic I and II 6
Communication technic 6
Helping patients during shuttle time 6
Helping patients during dining time 6
Helping patients going on and off the toilet 6
Helping patients wear the cloth and undress 6
Helping patients during bath time 6
Total hours 42


6:30~7:00 Bed, floor and all sleeping areas cleaning
7:00~8:00 Breakfast
8:00~8:30 Cleaning base on duty system
8:30~9:00 Sport and reading
9:00~12:00 Morning class
12:00~13:00 Lunch and break
13:00~18:00 Afternoon class
18:00~20:00 Dinner and practice
20:00~22:00 Free time
22:00 Sleep time




5.How to register

STEP1 Submit the application
Send your application with the number of participants and the schedule via email, fax or phone call.
STEP2 Cost estimation and tentative reservation
We will make temporary reservation once you confirmed the cost estimation, send application form and other necessary documents required.
STEP3 : Formal Contract
Complete the payment for the whole training course
STEP4 Entering the country
Trainees will be picked up by the host company or the related assosiation at the airport. Send the detail (trainees name with picture, arrival date, time and flight number) to our company before the date of arrival.
STEP5 Opening Ceremony
An explanation of the schedule, rules and point of attentions during training period.
STEP6 Training (176 jam)
Prospective employees will be trained to speak Japanese language, Japan lifestyle & etiquette, as well as learning the law in Japan approx. in one month.
STEP7 Completion Ceremony
After the training finished, we will send trainees back to the relevant association.


Training Fee ①80,000 JPY per person (price before taxes)for Japanese Learning class
②Need to consult,for Caregiver and Japanese Language Class
Included in Training Free Dormitory fee, electricity, gas, and water supplies
Optional ・Moving in, moving out, national health insurance and national pension membership registration
Shuttle service to and from the airport(Depending on the number of people)
・Company assigment after training (additional fee will be added)
・Health check during training period (9,000 JPY)

7.Flow after Assigment

    Trainees are required to follow various flows after has been assigned to determined company.

  • 【Follow-up Training】Reviewing trainees condition through restropective of work after assignment, and giving support with prior learning of skill test.
  • 【Japanese language skill test and application】Sharing information about Japanese language skill test held twice a year, and acting as apllication form sales agent.