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Global Connection .,Co.,Ltd will abide by the laws and other standards regarding personal information and will do our best to protect your important personal information

Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company already well aware and paying a high respect on our customer’s personal information, and we always pay attention to its importance and abide by the laws and internals norms concerning the protection of personal information by all employees, so that we can earn the trust of our customers.

We pledge by the following rules to protect our customer’s personal information

Purpose of using personal information

We have to contact and got our customer’s permission before we ask for their personal information. Customer’s personal information is used for the following purpose below. Another permission has to be received to use the information for another purpose.

  • 1)We promise to give the after care service。
  • 2)Always make a contact with customer regarding request acceptance, response to customer’s question and delivery of the goods。
  • 3)Sending every important document such as invoice to the customer。
  • 4)We would like to receive customer’s opinions and impressions about our service。
  • 5)Informing all customers if there is a change。

Personal Information on Third Party

We are not giving our customer’s personal information to the third party, unless the condition in the following below:

  • 1. With the permission from the customer or person himself
  • 2. If there is a request from Police Department or Government
  • 3. As a part of the law

About Releasing and Revising Personal Information

We will respond if there is a demand from the customer to release, revise, or eliminate the information.

Contact Information Regarding Personal Information

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